The 8th Layer

Welcome here. We are going to talk about airwaves, light, bits and everything that goes around telecommunication and technology, from the 1st to the 8th layer of the extended OSI model.

What is the 8th layer? Well there are several variations on the definition but the one I personally like is to consider is that the users, the people, humans are part of the 8th layer.

This is the ultimate destination on a message going through a telecommunications infrastructure, and in this extended model, User Interface, User Experience, Design are the ultimate interfaces that allows going from Layer 7 to Layer 8 and vice versa.

Disclaimer: the content of this blog reflects my personal views and may in no way represent the views of my current, former or future employers. Statements expressed here are reflects of my personal experience and do not intend to be of scientific nature. Comments and criticism are welcome to discuss these posts.

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