Myanmar, two years and a half later

During a weekend in Yangon, I could test the mobile broadband, two years and a half after my last visit which was just before the new entrants, Ooredoo and Telenor, started to rollout their networks. At that time, MPT was solely dominating the market and mobile broadband was reserved for the priviledged.

Landing at Rangoon airport, I could already see the change that has been happening in the country since it opened to international investments. The e-Visa process was very smooth and the immigration counters very well organized.

Leaving the airport, I opted for a Telenor tourist SIM to put in my Huawei 4G MiFi dongle, as both Ooredoo and MPT counters were closed at 8 PM and missed a potential sale. The data pack is quite cheap: 19,500 MMK (or 15 USD) for a SIM and 10 GB data allowance.

Telenor Myanmar has a combined 2G/3G network deployed on GSM900/UMTS2100 (5 MHz on G900 and 10 MHz on U2100 – it is unclear whether they decided to extend their license to 15 MHz). They deployed their Single-RAN network with Ericsson.

3G performance was excellent, as shown by the SpeedTest result below:


We can see that Telenor has deployed an HSPA+ network (theorically 21 Mbps in the downlink) including the 2ms TTI feature which gives excellent performances on the uplink (theorically up to 5.76 Mbps and shorter RTT). However, I could not confirm whether Dual Carrier (42 Mbps) has been activated or not.

It will be very interesting to see how the market evolves, with the auction of 4G spectrum and the entrance of the 4th mobile operator consortium in which Viettel is supposed to be part of.

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