6 free tools to optimize your website

Here are 6 free tools that you can use to optimize your website. Some will help you improve your SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization) and increase your chances to appear on the first page of search engines, others will help you accelerate the loading of your website and improve the navigation experience.

1. Google Analytics


Comprehensive statistics about your website visits, audience profiling and advice to optimize your traffic. The plus: check the trafficof your website live and see from where visitors are coming and what they are reading.


2. Google Webmaster Tools


See your website from the eyes of Google, and find out how to optimize it to better appear in the search engine. The plus: ensure that your sitemap has been properly submitted and read by Google and check how many URLs have been indexed.


3. Socialbakers


Analyze the popularity of your Facebook page, see the evolution over time, drill down by country and slice and dice by industry. The plus: compare your Facebook page performance versus your competitors.


4. Pingdom


Test the loading speed of your web page from the cloud, compare it with the rest of the world and find out which files or scripts are too heavy to load. The plus: the timeline shows you precisely in which order the files are loaded and which ones are slow to grab.


5. WooRank


Woorank will generate a detailed SEO report giving you a lot of tips to improve your website and be better referenced on search engines. The plus: the report gives you a list of improvements and errors to fix which will improve your ranking in search engines.


6. Cloudflare


Cloudflare is a global CDN which can help you accelerate the loading of your website. It proposes a free plan for personal websites. The plus: get access to a global CDN for free.



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