Telecommunications Q&A on StackExchange

Have you ever dreamed of a free Q&A website where you will be able to get expert advice on telecommunications topics? The Telecommunications Q&A site on StackExchange will be for pros sharing questions and solutions within the field of fixed and mobile telcos: engineers working for MNOs or ISPs, experts working for equipment vendors, experts working in telecom regulation and international standardization bodies.


Do you know StackOverflow or ServerFault? These are 2 very popular websites where experts developers or sysadmin can ask their questions and answer some others to help them in their day-to-day work.

“Stack Overflow” used by every programmer to write their perfect code and find solutions to their bugs, “ServerFault” provide the same kind of help for sysadmins who need to find out why their server configuration does not start.

Here are 5 good reasons why the Q&A sites of StackExchange work:

  1. Simple. ask a question in one click and see potential answers before you submit it
  2. Free. the model is completely free (not like the expert-exchange model)
  3. Content Quality. content is properly moderated thanks to a powerful engine
  4. Knowledge Archive. the content of Q&A is extremely well indexed by Google
  5. Design. site proposes a simple, clean interface both on laptop and mobile devices

But unfortunately, there is no dedicated Q&A site for Telecommunications. Some questions could be asked in an IT Q&A, but there is no place where we can gather experts of Radio, Transmission or Core Network.

How to support the creation of this Q&A website?

This is the purpose of the Telecommunications Q&A below.

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Telecommunications

To support this initiative:

  1. Register an account, using a Google or Facebook account it will just take 2 clicks.
  2. Go on the Telecommunication Q&A proposal and click on the Follow link on the left.
  3. Vote and comment the questions you like, ask your own questions if you have any.
  4. Share the link of this proposal to your network of professionals.

The main challenge of such initiative is to get momentum and enough people involved to be visible and useful. This is why we need to share this with as many people as possible.

If this initiative gets enough followers and questions, it will go to the next stage (commit) where experts in telecommuincations can confirm their interest to participate in this site.

This will give enough visibility for the website to be launched (beta) with an invitation sent to all the initial participants who showed interest.

Thanks for your support!

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