Developping a FieldTest app with Android N (Part 2)

I started to develop a FieldTest application for Android that I will publish on Google Play for everyone to use. I wanted to do this because of the frustration of not being able to find an app that is both eye-candy and reports useful information from my network.

I decided to develop it based on the newest Android API only, sorry for people who are still on Android 4/5/6 but I am using Android 7.0 APIs so that I don’t have to manage too many exceptions in my code while I can enjoy the new methods proposed by Android Nougat (like the ability to get the xARFCN).

The main functionalities of my app will be:

1. A dashboard view

To show all the necesary information about the network, cell indentity and signal performance (e.g RSRP and RSRQ, and have the ability to screenshot it easily.
I also want to include detailed frequency information from the ARFCN (bandwidth will be missing as we don’t have this one from Android API).

2. A Google map view

It will show where the user is, and I also hope to be able to load a cellfile to draw all sectors of the network on the Google map and show which is the current cell on which the UE is attached.

3. A log view

The logview will show all detailed command results returned by the API, with additional low level parameters which will not be visible in the dashboard and ability to copy those values easily.

4. A speedtest / benchmark view

It will allow performing some basic tests (this will be added later, it could be a sequence of ping to a predefined list of websites and some web page loading time measurements).

Work in progress…

As I’m doing this mainly for my personal interest I can’t commit I’ll deliver all quickly in top quality but I’ll share my findings here. Also if you see any additional feature that could be useful let me know in the comments!

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