5G Network Architecture

Here is a diagram that I found interesting, showing the logical architecture of a 5G network including the Core and Radio subsystems, as it is being discussed in the 3GPP working groups.

Here are the acronyms:

  • AUSF: Authentication Server Function
  • UDM: Unified Data Management
  • AMF: Core Access and Mobility Management Function
  • SMF: Session Management Function
  • PCF: Policy Control Function
  • AF: Application Function
  • UE: User Equipment
  • (R)AN: (Radio) Access Network
  • UPF: User Plane Function
  • DN: Data Network, e.g. operator services, Internet or 3rd party services

Source: Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect – Chief Architect’s from British Telecom – http://www.slideshare.net/3G4GLtd/5g-network-architecture-and-design


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