5G will be called 5G and has an official logo

3GPP has unveiled the logo and name which will be used for 5G networks, which will be called 5G (unlike 4G which official name has been LTE). This designation and logo are meant to be used from 3GPP Release 15 and onwards and intend to show some kind of continuity between LTE and 5G.

5G Logo

5G Logo by 3GPP

The illustration below shows the evolution of the logo between LTE, LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G, as according to 3GPP: “The logo has a new wave pattern, but is a development of the existing LTE waves, using the green of the LTE-Advanced Pro version. The idea is to keep a familiar design aspect with the use of plain black text and textured waves, but to make the logo stronger and sharper – ready for use on the new radio and next generation core specifications for 5G.”

Logos from LTE to 5G

LTE, LTE Advanced, LTE Advanced Pro and 5G logos

Evolution of LTE to 5G

Key attributes of LTE:

Key attributes of LTE-Advanced:

Key attributes of LTE-Advanced Pro:

Key attributes of 5G:


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