What’s next in mobile? #MWC2017

Topics seen at MWC this year – Day 1

Personal assistants. Telefonica explained why digitization of their business is essential today to be more efficient and announced it’s own personal assistant named “AURA”, based on their own data collected from their network nodes. Will they be able to counter the Apple/Google/Amazon offers with this late start in the game?

Artificial Intelligence. Softbank CEO explains why he bought ARM and is investing a lot to be part of the 1 trillion IoT devices market that will surpass the IQ of human mankind within the next 30 years.

Sharing his thoughts about the singularity that mankind is facing. A scary topic in my view as technology is becoming so complex and powerful that it will be difficult for everyone to apprehend how it works and trust it.

5G. KT shows all that they are achieving on the development of 5G, including plans to embed security within the network to protect against hacking of IoT.

Bonus. Interesting solution presented by KT: using roaming data of subscribers to track and combat the spread of infectious diseases around the globe, warning people who traveled in risk areas.
End of roaming. CEO of Barthi alerting on the challenge of operating a telco business which requires heavy investment of CAPEX and payment of lots of taxes and duties, seems to mirror their tough situation in their home market where competition is increasing and that is impacting their expansions ambitions in Africa. Finally Airtel declared a war on roaming by removing domestic roaming charges between any of their network from 1st of April.

IoT. The CEO of Kaspersky talking about security and how IoT will be a huge security challenge, presenting some cases that already happened in 2015/2016:

  • Central heating turned down by DDoS in Finland in 2016
  • Cameras united in botnet to attack Internet in 2016
  • Software glitch on 3 engines caused A400 crash in 2015
  • Smart cars are hacked by penetration tests since 2015
  • East coast of US and Canada blackout in 2003, attacks in Ukraine on power grid in 2016

Note: CEO of Kaspersky doesn’t have smartphone, but a basic feature phone. Only paranoid survive, especially in Russia.
Vehicles. Everyone is investing in vehicles, driverless, connected, racing, intelligent, being able to pay.

The founder of Formula E (electric car race competition) presents his new project of robot car race, where software developers will compete on a common platform which will race autonomously.

Nokia 3310. Great marketing to be able to sale a basic 2G feature phone with 16Mb memory at 49$ retail price where the same No-name would barely sell at 20$. Even with a brand new Snake!

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