The best 2018 smartphones innovation: 3 days battery!

Recently I have switched from a Samsung Galaxy S8 to a Motorola Z2 Force while moving from AT&T to T-Mobile, and enjoyed the huge battery life that Motorola allows with its Mods concept.

I didn’t like the Samsung smartphone for many reasons:

  • the tons of Samsung apps that cannot be removed and are just copies of the stock Android apps – messages, browser, calculator (!!!)
  • the Bixby assistant which has its hardware button and that cannot be deactivated
  • the useless notifications such as “you are connected to wi-fi” that spam the notification bar
  • the annoying curved screen that you activate by mistake when taking the phone in your hand
  • the weak glass casing that breaks if not protected it in a case – then why do we need a beautiful glass casing??
  • the fingerprint sensor right next to the camera lens, to make sure it stays permanently greasy and dirty
  • the same fingerprint sensor without haptic feedback that gives an impression of lag
  • the ugly Samsung icon theme
  • and the poor battery that barely brings you till the end of the day

This Samsung S8 is a “girly phone”: don’t be fooled by its shiny design, mirror-like case which becomes dirty as soon as your greasy fingers touch it, rounded design and rounded corner screen which slightly crop your videos. It has huge sales because of the “Galaxy” brand and the fact that you cannot avoid it in any shop, but provides in my opinion a very poor user experience.

phone battery

phone battery life

Moving to the more classic Z2 by its design, I purchased the Moto Mods TurboPower Pack which is attached on the back of the phone by a magnet system. The mods can be used in “efficiency mode” where it will maintain the main battery at a 80% charge level and provide a comfortable 3-days backup time in normal use. At the end of the 3 days, ending at 25% battery will require to recharge the phone.

What’s more: the haptic fingerprint scanner on the front is very reactive and makes lock/unlock super fast, gestures allow you to turn on the torch or launch the camera just by shaking the phone, and all Android stock features help you control your phone (set the automatic do not disturb mode in the evening for instance).

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