“noreply” or the best way to turn down a potential customer engagement

I am sometimes puzzled by the customer experience I face when using a new online service, and I try to imagine the process used by the team who came up with the customer journey that I found annoying while using the service. An example is how some online services are using noreply@domain.com emails.

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Myanmar, two years and a half later

During a weekend in Yangon, I could test the mobile broadband, two years and a half after my last visit which was just before the new entrants, Ooredoo and Telenor, started to rollout their networks. At that time, MPT was solely dominating the market and mobile broadband was reserved for the priviledged.

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Triple-play is the only way

Recently I have been trying to find studies on how people consume data on Internet during a typical day, in order to find out what is the proportion of data volume actually done in conditions of mobility and the rest which done in fixed locations. Although I think it could be a very interesting subject for a thesis or a research paper, I could not find anything. So I tried to come up my own evaluation.

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I should sell my Twitter shares!

Not long after Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) went IPO, I bought a bunch of shares to see what would happen with this company. It cost me around 35€ per share including the transaction fees which is 38.50 USD equivalent. So as of today I potentially lost more than 50% of the investment I made. Continue reading

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