My top 10 worst headaches as web developer

I have been developing websites and web applications for more than 15 years now and I wanted to list the top 10 situations where I spent (or wasted?) a lot of time debugging or managing a situation where the root cause was tricky (or stupid?).

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Make a Wi-Fi honeypot with Raspberry Pi 3 (and get blocked by HSTS)

After following the previous post explaining you how to turn your Raspberry Pi 3 into a Wi-Fi hotspot, we will now show you different pieces of code that can turn it into a nasty curious box.

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I should sell my Twitter shares!

Not long after Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) went IPO, I bought a bunch of shares to see what would happen with this company. It cost me around 35€ per share including the transaction fees which is 38.50 USD equivalent. So as of today I potentially lost more than 50% of the investment I made. Continue reading

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