FieldTest / NetMonitoring app for Android 7

I have released a first version of the field test / network monitoring application for Android 7 (Nougat) devices. With this app, you will be able to collect xARFCN data from the network and know which frequency band your smartphone is using.

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Developping a FieldTest app with Android N (Part 3)

Playing with the app in Singapore: I bought a Singtel tourist SIM card while traveling in Singapore for a few days and tested the app to see what they were using for their 3G and 4G networks.

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Developping a FieldTest app with Android N (Part 2)

I started to develop a FieldTest application for Android that I will publish on Google Play for everyone to use. I wanted to do this because of the frustration of not being able to find an app that is both eye-candy and reports useful information from my network.

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Developping a FieldTest app with Android N (Part 1)

​Recently I discovered that Android N (7.0) provides a new method getArfcn() to get the Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number, which gives you the exact frequency identifier that is used by the mobile phone on 2G (ARFCN), 3G (UARFCN) or 4G (EARFCN).

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Android field test shortcode

Did you know that by entering a shortcode on most Android phones, you can access a hidden menu which gives you a lot of information about the network and device, including radio frequency used (ARFCN) and signal performance?

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Telecommunications Q&A on StackExchange

Have you ever dreamed of a free Q&A website where you will be able to get expert advice on telecommunications topics? The Telecommunications Q&A site on StackExchange will be for pros sharing questions and solutions within the field of fixed and mobile telcos: engineers working for MNOs or ISPs, experts working for equipment vendors, experts working in telecom regulation and international standardization bodies.

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The death of 2G networks

More and more operators are announcing the shutdown of their 2G network, in a move to reallocate the spectrum for data services on 4G and better utilize the resource to deliver content to their subscribers. Telstra in Australia will be the next in line in December 2016, and many other operators are scheduled for 2017.

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Why my mobile phone makes this noise near an audio speaker?

You probably heard this strange robotic noise from your speakers when a cellphone was nearby and about to receive a call or an SMS. But do you know why this audible noise interference happens and why the sequences of buzz is always exactly the same?

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