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Hackers used SS7 exploit to steal SMS confirmation code and steal bank accounts

The German mobile operator O2 confirmed that hackers used an exploit of the SS7 protocol to steal Two Factor Authentication (2FA) SMS codes sent by online banking websites to confirm fund transfers. They could successfully steal money from O2 customers bank accounts doing fund transfers at night.

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Measurement units in Telecommunications – kilo, mega, giga

I got a comment about the conversion of bps to kbps used in the LTE throughout calculator that reminded me about this bizarre situation that we usually do not convert telecom bits into kilobits the same way we convert storage bytes into kilobytes. Here is the reason why.

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An ocean of e-junk is flooding the Internet

In the past 10 years, the processing and delivery of information to human being has been accelerating in an exponential way. Is it a good thing for us human beings and can we handle it? Are we going to drown in an ocean of e-junk flooding the Internet?

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