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French senator recommends to put a stop at the anti-terror mobile app

Finally, a report conducted by a study group of competent people full of common sense, from the French senate, has recognized the uselessness of the SAIP mobile application which has been developed under the previous French government as a way to warn the population about terrorist attacks in their neighborhood.

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Hackers used SS7 exploit to steal SMS confirmation code and steal bank accounts

The German mobile operator O2 confirmed that hackers used an exploit of the SS7 protocol to steal Two Factor Authentication (2FA) SMS codes sent by online banking websites to confirm fund transfers. They could successfully steal money from O2 customers bank accounts doing fund transfers at night.

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HTTPS Encryption on Pornhub and YouPorn – the false impression of privacy

All High Tech news websites have announced it between the end of March and beginning of April: “Pornhub And YouPorn Enable HTTPS Encryption So Your Private Time Can Truly Remain Private”. This is a misleading understanding of what https does: in fact, your browsing habits are not so private with https.

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“noreply” or the best way to turn down a potential customer engagement

I am sometimes puzzled by the customer experience I face when using a new online service, and I try to imagine the process used by the team who came up with the customer journey that I found annoying while using the service. An example is how some online services are using noreply@domain.com emails.

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Google Mobile Site Certification – Your mobile website size and speed matters

Google has just launched a great certification program called “mobile sites” where they advocate for their vision of how mobile websites should be designed and optimized to improve the user experience. It gives some interesting statistics on page size and loading speed that everyone involved in website development should know.

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An admin with fat fingers took down Amazon S3

Amazon has shared the root cause analysis of the major outage they have faced on 28th of February and taking down S3, and affecting AWS, EC2 and other services relying on S3.
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This is not gmɑil.com

It looks like gmail.com, but this is just gmɑil.com. The internationalized domain name (IDN) convention allows using non ASCII characters for domain names, which is great for arabic and asian countries, but also allows creating fake domain names that look almost like the original.

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6 free tools to optimize your website

Here are 6 free tools that you can use to optimize your website. Some will help you improve your SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization) and increase your chances to appear on the first page of search engines, others will help you accelerate the loading of your website and improve the navigation experience.

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An ocean of e-junk is flooding the Internet

In the past 10 years, the processing and delivery of information to human being has been accelerating in an exponential way. Is it a good thing for us human beings and can we handle it? Are we going to drown in an ocean of e-junk flooding the Internet?

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Make a Wi-Fi Access Point with Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation of the famous 35$ nano PC with the size of a credit card. For this latest evolution, a Wi-Fi controller has been integrated which opens a lot of new possibilities, including creating a Wi-Fi access point. Continue reading

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